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DM20041020021:SAED:POLITICS:PERSONALITY:MAY1959 – Banned Chief Luthuli, shut on his farm, says that there’s Freedom In The Air – Chief Luthuli and Oliver Tambo at Johannesburg Station, before his banning in May 1959. There were more policemen waiting for him at Germiston, where Luthuli climbed out to greet his friend Oliver Tambo. They followed him to Tambo’s house, where Luthuli slept. Next day was Saturday, the day for Luthuli to come to Johannesburg. More police at Germiston station. More police and a thousand people waiting on the platform at Johannesburg. These people were not there as an organised greeting. They had come by chance in case Luthuli arrived. (Photograph by Alf Kumalo BAHA) neg 522