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DM2004011522:GCPC:SOCIAL:POLITICS:PERSONALITY:1OCT1963 – Refugees In Tanganyika – South African refugees seeking asylum in Tanganyika. Mr Moosa Moolla 29, the last of the four refugees who escaped from Marshall Square Prison there in August, has arrived in Dar es Salaam. His companions, Goldriech, Wolpe and Jassatreached Dar es Salaam earlier. Mr Moolla said he had no traveling documents and had applied for political asylum in Tanganyika. He said, "Life in prison under solitary confinement and the constant questioning by Security Police was mental torture. I was not allowed any visitors nor could i consult my lawyer." Mr Moolla added that on the 90day of his detention he was released from prison but had only walked a few yards down the street when a police car drove up and re-arrested him. He was taken back to prison but later escaped. ( Camerapix)