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DM2001082816:SOCIAL:EDUCATION:APR1955 – The Girl Who Will Not Go To School Again – The meeting: organised by the father for Orlando’s ‘Save Our Children Conference.’ Mr gwendu himself organised delegates from Sophiatown to attend last month’s SAVE THE CHILDREN conference, held at the Orlando Community Hall to decide what to do in the light of the Congress resolution taken in Durban on the boycott schools. The theme of the conference was WE WANT UNIVERSAL NOT BANTU EDUCATION. The meeting resolved to boycott all schools from 1st April. The Government, on the other hand , is determined to go through with the system and to make it work. It maintains that ‘Bantu Education’ was planned to help the child to adapt himself to the society in which he lives and suppress whatever hopes he may have of being the equal of a white man. This, the government says, will save the child from frustration, because in the present set up he can never be allowed to do the jobs that are s