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DM2001082812:SAED:SOCIAL:EDUCATION:NOV1955 – Its A Matter Of Sip And Fly At The ‘Education Shebeens’ – These girls and their leader, Beauty Moroane, were arrested in Benoni police raids. Education shebeens! Yes, that’s what they are calling the Cultural Clubs set up by the A.N.C. to train the 8,000 African children who cannot or will not attend Bantu Education Schools. Education shebeens , where the children can furtively get some of the strong drink of knowledge. Playing Sip and Fly with knowlege! Because the law says no private schools may be conducted without registration by the Native affairs Department. Because if the private clubs could be proved to be private schools they would be forcibly stopped, for selling ellicit education. In Brakpan, Benoni, Germiston, NatalSpruit, Alexandra Township and Moroka the children are crowded into shacks, leaking halls, dilapidated cinemas and even open veld. (Photograph by Peter Magubane © BAHA) school children singing neg 674