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DM2001052418:SAED:SOCIAL:RELIGION:EDUCATION:OCT1954 – The Death of a school – Father Trevor Huddleston with the St Peter’s baseball team. One of the first results of the new Bantu Education Act in South Africa is that one of Africa’s most famous schools, St Peters, Johannesburg has announced that it wil be forced to close down in two year’s time. In the meantime no new pupils will be admitted. The "Eton of South Africa" as St Peters has been called, has had an astonishing record of scholarship achievement over its 32 years. But the Community of Resurrection, who run the school, feel that as a matter of principle they cannot carry on the school with the syllabus and control demanded by the new Act. The school was situated in Rosettenville, Johannesburg. (Photograph by Drum photographer BAHA) neg no 029