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DM2001050814:GCP:MUSIC:PERSONALITY:19JUL1959 – Sonny Pillay Tells How He Wooed And Won His Miriam – Relaxed in Sonny’s parent home. They’re both jazz lovers, and record choosing a job. The most contraversial courtship in South Africa’s entertainment world began when Shunmuga Athappa Pillay, porpulary known as Sonny Pillay, saw on stage Miriam Makeba. "I first met her after I had heard her sing in a combined show, African Jazz, specially arranged for the violinist Yehudi Menuhi in Johannesburg," said Sonny. Later in 1957, Miriam joined African Jazz, and we were able to see more of each other. Our friendship and love is great. (Photograph by Drum Photograph Baileys Archives)