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DM2000081402:SAED:POLITICS:PERSONALITY:1952 – Peter Raboroko with Drum editor, Anthony Sampson. At Bloemfontein Africans Choose Between Convention And Congress – Dr J.S. Moroka, President General, African National Congress. In mid December in Batho location, Bloemfontein, the African National Congress held what may prove to be its most important session since its foundation nearly forty years ago. Dr J. M. Moroka: "From the government we ask for nothing that is revolutionary. If what we ask for is communistic, then communism is humane and Christian; it is a consumation devoutly to be wished. We ask for those things which, I believe, will facilitate co-operation between the Europeans and the non-Europeans; those things which minimise the occasions and remove the causes for bad relationship between the Europeans and ourselves…" "We ask for Education for the Africans…education of Kindergaten type, Primary education, Secondary education, University education, Technical e