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DM2000072659:SAED:PERSONALITY:APR1954 – Tell Freedom – Two years ago Peter abrahams came to South Africa for a month’s visit after 14 years away, to write a series of a articles for an overseas paper. Here he is being met at the Johannesburg airport on his arrival, by his friend, Henry Nxumalo, assistant editor of Drum. Drum is privileged to publish in serial form what we believe to be one of the finest books ever to come out of Africa. ‘ Tell Freedom is the life story of Peter Abrahams, the brilliant coloured writer who was born in the slums of Johannesburg and has risen to be awriter of international reputaion. It is an astonishing, moving story, superbly told by a master of language. (Photograph by Bob Gosani Baileys Archive) neg 012, 1952