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DM2000071002:SAED:POLITICS:PERSONALITY:NOV1953 – Political Football – Oliver Reginald Tambo – Non-white political leaders, banned from doing much else, enjoy a lively game of soccer. ‘Foul Play!’ complains Left Back Moses Kotane ( holding the ball): He protest that Youth player Babla Salojee kicked kicked the ball while in the Goali’s hands. Referee Dan Twala reprimands and awards a free kick to veterans. Non-white politicians are complaining of being kicked around, and being used as ‘political football’: so the other day they decided to do a bit of kicking around themselves, and got down to some ‘strickly recreational’ football at Mia’s farm, near Johannesburg. "The most remarkable game I’ve ever seen,"was the comment of Dan Twala, the referee of the match, which was between Veterans and Youth. Most of the Veterans were banned men (though some political veterans had been banned even from playing football) Veterans of course won 1-0, after