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DM2000062702:POLITICS:WOMEN:1956 – Helen Joseph, Brave fighter of Racism – Helen was born in 1905, in Britain. She became politically active when she emigrated to South Africa. She soon became a member of the South African Federation of South African Women. In 1955 she was one of the 20 000 women who marched to the Union Building in Pretoria, to protest against the extension of the pass system to black women. Helen was the first person to be placed under house arrest in South Africa and one of one hundred and fifty six people arrested in 1956, who were charged with high treason. The treason Trial ended after four years, in March 196, when Helen Joseph and all the accused were acquitted of all charges. From then on, Helen was banned repeatedly and placed under house arrest. ( Photograph by Drum Photographer Baileys Archives) extract from the book, The Fifties People Of South Africa