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DM2000030622:SAED:MUSIC:PERSONALITY:SEP1960 – What’s Happened to Jazz – Kippie Moeketsi – the ghost of Charlie Parker lives in him. The sad man with the sax. That’s Kippie ‘Charlie Parker’ Moeketsie, the 35 year old son of a carpenter from George Goch. Kippie has had, and still has bouquets thrown at him from all angles. Most of the time he doesn’t care or know about them. Most time he is heading for the shebeen. Kippie, the fifth child in a family of six – five brothers and one sister who is now married – was introduced to music by one of his late brothers, Eziah. "He sort of encouraged me to play the clarinet. Before he died he was loony for four years." " But" Kippie continued , " I don’t like people labeling me a hopeless drunk or an irresponsible musician. See what I mean?" At present he and Dollar are playing great music in all sorts of odd places. In Parktown North Masonic Hall they nocked cold an audience of oddly assort