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DM2000022206:SAED:POLITICS:SEP1958 – The Cown Versus 91 – Treason Trial Gets Off To A Surprise Start. Great Synagogue, Pretoria. Suddenly one realised that the whole drama of the Treason Trial had shifted. During the preparatory examination in Johannesburg, all the excitement was outside the court. Scores of policemen, photographers, repoters and members of the public milled outside of the red-brick courtroom. Now, in the ex-synagogue, in Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria, only 91 persons faced the actual trial. Sixty four had been discharged by order of the Attorney General. As soon as the trial began, the charge was withdrawn against one, Mr H. G. Makgothi, who had been taken ill with tuberculosis. (Photograph by Drum Photographer Baileys Archives)