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DM2000021714:GCP:MUSIC:PERSONALITY:AUG1955 – Father Huddleston Jazz Band – What A Jam Session Those Boys Gave Us – What they were a big success, the Huddleston Jazz Band. The Social Centre was packed full and the big crowd showed great appreciation for the effort from the fourteen school boys. The Huddleston band is composed of Monty Mahobe,19, Josia Masemola, 17, Edward Cele, 17, Jacob Molopyane, 17, Barney Mbewu, 18, Edwin Moloi, 18, Jonas Gwangwa, 18, Samuel Chirwa, 17, Wordsworth Kalaota, 19, Churchil Jolobe, 15, George Makhene, 19, Ivan Mosiah, 18, Hugh Masekela, 16, (he’s the star trumpeter with the band), and Jonas Masopoye. (Photograph by Drum Photographer Baileys Archive)