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DM2000021501:SAED:MUSIC:PERSONALITY:JAN1957 – Dolly Rathebe – Dolly and Her Men! – The World Does Not Suspect That Film Star Dolly Rathebe’s Real Name Is Josephine Malatsi: Years ago she ‘borrowed’ the name Of a school mate! – This Dolly Rathebe, the right one is non other than Eileen Dolly Rathebe, the daughter of Mr J.R. Rathebe. The film star Dolly Rathebe took over her friend’s name for the fun of it. And at school Dolly was a tomboy. (But she loved boys!). She looked at life from a male point of view and seemed to have quarrel with her Maker for creating her a female. She discovered that she had a fairly good voice, mellow and husky and she toyed with the idea of ‘African Jazz’, the street. She started perfoming in school troups, but the sedate, well organised music of school choirs did not quite go with her. She wanted the pounding rythm that interpreted township life so well. Later, she was to thrill mourners at the wakes of dead friends with her singing