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DM2000021422:GCP:MUSIC:JAN1959 – Bunny (Barney) Rachabane – Pennywhistler Kid – He will Play In London – This group of young boys came into the news a few weeks ago, following their desperate plight in Cape Town. They had been part of a show, ‘Africa Sings!’, by Lofty Adam’s, which flopped and the boys found themselves stranded in the Penninsula. The Union of Southern African Artists came to the rescue and sent the boys money to come home to the Rand. Immediately they were back they were plunged right into the ‘Township Jazz.’ One of the parts in Leon Gluckman’s big musical production, ‘King Kong’ will be played by tiny, 10 year old Bunny Rachabane, Pennywhistler from Alexandra. Now in rehearsal, Bunny Rachabane and his four partners the Alexandra Bright Boys are sweating it out as hard as the big professionals. Bunny will be playing the part of a small time pennywhistler who has his own piped version of the theme song ‘King Kong ‘. His troup