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DM2000021408:SAED:MUSIC:MAY1955 – Zig-Zag and His Jazz – Isaac Nkosi – ‘Zig Zag Zakes’ has been a horn blower all his life. Since the days of the great jazz Maniacs, when that mighty team was founded, since the days when ‘Zulu Boy’ Cele started jazz history in this country, ‘Zig Zag Zakes’ has been blowing string and mighty jazz. Zakes retired from big business when the Jazz Maniacs foulded up. He started the smaller bands for recording purposes chiefly. Now and again he sits in with Themba Ellison’s African Swingsters. Zakes plays the Alto-sax and the clarinet. His hometown, Alexandra Township, boasts many young men who have learnt to blow the sax from Zakes. A patieint teacher who combines teaching with sympathy. A jazzman who has great feeling for jazz and creative mind that has composed many tunes heard on record. (Photograph by Drum Photgrapher Baileys Archive) neg 540