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DM2000021401:SAED:MUSIC:THEATRE:AUG1956 – Shantytown In City Hall! – Everybody with talent were part of the show. The boys who stand at the street corners playing tin whisles, and nobody knows that these boys are making the tin whistle great. Spokes Mashiane (Mashiyane) with his troup for Township Jazz. It all started with the huge, compelling party poster splashed magnetically over Johannesburg. ‘Township Jazz’ at the Selbourne Hall. The poster also carried a controversy, sensitive as a winter blister. There would be shows for Euros only and shows for Non-Euros only. All this would take place at the Johannesburg City Hall. There the music, song and dace of the townships would be presented by the Union of South African Artists. This Union fights to get better and wider horizons for the Non-White artists. So if this Union claims to champion the cause of us blacks, why the hack should they go in for segregation and seperate audiences and black dates and white dates. No man, you d