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DM2000021126:SAED:MUSIC:PERSONALITY:JUL1955 – Jazz on Wheels! – Dolly Rathebe, Drum Cover, July 1955. When the Jazz Parade arrived in Durban, the artist all wanted to go to the beach. And they did too – after rehearsals! It was a singing and swimming afternoon though it had its exciting moments for Dolly. The morning train from Johannesburg to Durban was turned into a hep train by the Jazz Parade troupe as it swung its way to the coast to jazz up the fans in Durban with singing, dancing, and extra hot cheese-cake by Dolly Rathebe! Came Saturday afternoon and the troupe’s first performance at a matinee in the City Hall. The hall was now packed with paying ears who came to listen. and what a show it was! The whole troupe put their everything in it; so much so that the second performance that evening was packed out. Four hundred people were turned away. (Photograph by Drum photographer Baileys Archives) neg 597