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DM2000021118:SAED:MUSIC:RELIGION:FEB1956 – Father Huddleston entertained by The Girls Who Said Goodbuy! – Dynamo driver with a peppy hep stick, Ursula Bergman, gives it the ‘go’ in a special tribute number "Do not leave us Huddleston," specially written and performed by the colourful Synco Fans under Wilfred Sentso. That night at Johannesburg Social Centre when a tribute and farewell show was given for this Fr. Huddleston bloke. ‘Twas a helluva big show that. Biggest for 1955. Also why they sang with such gusto and pep was because they recognised full well the part he had played in helping a Musicians Union to be born. Helluva tough birth too. Things are so tough for Unions, man. And this Union’s been getting monies for musicians whose music were sold profitlessly overseas. See where we are with this Huddleston bloke? (Photograph by Bob Gosani Baileys Archive) neg T74