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DM2000021005:SAED:SPORT:SOCCER:PERSONALITY:JUL1956 – Jackson Ngidi Says He Was: Born to Be A Bushbuck Boy! – The first time I met Jackson Nigidi I took him for a Central African. This five-foot, coal-black, bulky and husky voiced man. It was at the Somtseu Road Sports ground in Durban where I saw him demonstrating, cursing and shouting to attract the attention of his Bushbuck side. This is the man behind the Bushbucks story.That’s ’em! The famous bushbucks team. Standing: Petros Zulu, Zebert Muthwa, David Kunene, Jackson Ngidi, Thomas Zondi, Blessing Mkhize, Simon Shoba. Sitting; Herbert Zuma, Alfred Luthuli, Sameul Dimba, Wellington Mdlalose, Danford Khumalo. (Photograph by Drum photographer Baileys Archive) neg T382