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DM2000020906:SAED:SOCIAL:PERSONALITY:JUN1958 – Selby Mvusi: Blast It, Fella, I’m too young for publicity – The easel’s view of the artist: Selby at work, the cigarette almost as vital as his brush. He receive his Secondary education through bursaries provided by the Education Department. He is a strong believer in the need for education for the African people,and because of that once turned down a tempting offer to work for a London film organisation with offices in Johannesburg. Negotiations were under way when the Department of Education announced that it proposed to start art classes in certain African schools as an experiment and that Mvusi was one of the men it wanted to conduct the classes. After a further up training he took up an appointment as art lecturer at the Lorrain Secondary School in Durban, but with the change over to Bantu education Mvusi felt that the field was narrowed too much, and he resigned. From then on he had to make a living with his paint, brush and his chis