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DM2000020108:GCP:POLITICS:PERSONALITY:WOMEN:1MAY1955 – 21 Women in Court – The charge: taking part in ‘Boycott Disturbances’ – Nelson Mandela who is representing the women in court is addressing them before the court appearance. The Alberton magistrate court was packed to the windows, when 21 women appeared before Mr Odendaal on charges of public disturbance. It is alleged that the women took part in disturbances that arose as a result of a boycott of the Bantu Education Act at Natalspruit on April 13.It was also alleged that the women took part in disturbing the public peace by roaring, shouting, making noises and quarelling, thereby collecting a crowd, or by other riotous behaviour. The women pleaded not guilty. (Photograph by Drum Photographer Baileys Archives) passes, women’s march neg 622