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DM2000012412:SAED:SOCIAL:POLITICS:SEP1957 – Treason Trial – Treason trialists inside the Drill Hall, Johannesburg. The trial started on December 19, 1956. As the biggest case in South Africa’s history lumbered to the end of its first stage this August 1957, the 156 accused men and women wondered how many of them would be back in court again. The 156 national leaders had first appeared at a preparatory examination into treason at the end of 1956, in the specially constructd court at the Drill Hall, Johannesburg; they had spent their lives in and out of court for most of 1957; and they could now see the possibility of the same prospect for the third calendar year, 1958, if they were committed for trial in the Supreme Court. (Photograph by Drum photographer BAHA) neg Treason file