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DM1999112901:SAED:PERSONALITY:ENTERTAINMENT:MUSIC:FEB1955 – King Force – Twenty years a King of Jazz and still not out! Wilson Silgee was leading the famous Jazz Maniacs. "There’s too much of this cheap jazz flying about. Crude imitation American stuff. Just noise. There’s only one thing to do, break it! That’s what I do…" "Jazz is my life. I’ve learned the hard way, three diplomas at Trinity College of Music, London." Twenty years they begged him to put his music on disc. Twenty years he refused. He wanted to carry that message across personally. He’s carried that message through more than 50,000 miles of jazz entertainment in South Africa. And now he’s put his music, his great sounds, down on Gallotone discs. ‘King Force and his Jazz Forces’ (Photograph by Bob Gosani BAHA)