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DM1999072015:SAED:ENTERTAINMENT:MUSIC:WOMEN:DEC1955 – They Are Singing The Year Out – Four of Johannesburgs top vocalists met recently on stage of the Orlando Community Center in an ‘end of the year’ show. Veteran singers and leading bandsmen were joined by comparitive newcomers to wish the entertainment world a merry festive season. The picture show young Nancy ‘Meadowlands’ Jacobs (left), who entered the show business this year with a recording hit with Emily ‘Piti Piti’ Kwenane, Louisa ‘Basin Street’ Emmanual and Martha ‘Bande Lami’ Mdenge, the seasoned queens of song, in a song-and-dance demonstration at the end of the show. This is surely one act that could pack any hall if made permanet. If is the word. These songstresses did this act to give the lucky audience their ‘Christmass Box’. (Photograph by Bob Gosani © Baileys Archives) fashion, double base, hairstyles