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DM1999100801:SAED:CRIME:SOCIAL:SEP1954 – ‘The Americans’ – Mr Drum investigates the Reefs most notorious gang. During the week they rob businesses, disguised as employees in dustcoats. During the week-ends, they loaf around the locations, dressed in flashy American clothes. After World War II most of the worlds big cities had to face another war, trying to stop the crime wave caused by the young and unemployed. America had what was called, "The street with no name that runs across the States." Johannesburg was no exception. Sophiatown, generally considered the nucleus of all Reef crimes, spawned on to the Reef more gangs than any other Location. There were gang fights over girls. They even had the services of a Bachelor of Arts High school teacher and a matriculated student to write their love letters to the decent girls who drew their fancy. For the Americans tried to be respectable when they met respectable people. (Photograph by Bob Gosani Baileys Archive) townshi