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DM2009040205:SAED:SPORTS:SOCCER:PERSONALITIES:22 DEC 1973 – Dalton Brothers Team – three years ago, a film “The Dalton Brothers” took Kimberley by storm. Youngsters who had seen the film talked about it for weeks after it had shown. It was about this time that Stocky Ephraim Tau, decided to form a Professional Football Team. He already had the members but they were a team without a name. At a meeting some youngster hold a brainwave why not call ourselves The Dalton Brothers?. That is how the Diamond City Team was born. It many not be glamour team of the National Professional Soccer League but Dalton Brothers always give the paying customer his money’s worth. That is why they are the darlings of Kimberley, win or lose. (Photograph by Drum Photographer ©BAHA)