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DM2008103020:SAED:SOCIAL:SHEBEENS:PERSONALITIES:SEP 1967 – Historic “drink-in” With That Legal Home Brew – A woman making legal home brew. Writer Zeke Mphahlele (ex-Drum) has raised quite a storm overseas by saying there is no writing that is truly, completely African. The reason, he explains, is that the “Negro in Africa is the meeting point of Europe and Africa”. The trouble with controversies is that they are inclined to snowball. And that just what happened at a Diepkloof “drink-in” the other day when a worthy gentleman, taking up where Zeke left off, suggested that if there was on such thing as African writing then there was no such thing as African drink. It’s legal to brew one’s own beer now and it’s cheaper. Someone also said it was safer, recalling one or two incidents outside beerhalls. (Photograph by Drum Photographer BAHA)