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DM2008103005:SAED:MUSIC:PERSONALITIES:MAY 1964 – Blind Sos – Teenager Extraordinary – Sosthinus John Mothuping is 18. He plays the piano, guitar, sings and runs his own Jazz band. He likes cracking jokes and laughs raucously in a high pitched voice anytime something funny is said. Sos is blind and so are all the members of his band. He can also still afford to laugh although his father Zeph Mothoping has been in jail since 1960 when arrested with other PAC leaders. In 1946, Mr Zeph Mothuping and his wife, then both school teachers, were blessed with a bright-eyed baby boy, their second. Six years later, little Sos complained of headache and 90 days later he went stone blind. (Photograph by Drum Photographer BAHA)