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DM2008082125:GHAED:SOCIAL:POLITICS:PERSONALITIES:JUL 1972 – Africa’s Farewell To Nkrumah – Final Homage to a great African is paid by Mr. S.L Koroma, vice President of Sierre Leone (far left) by Nkrumah’s body in Guinea. Even in death, Kwame Nkrumah could stir passions. The body of the self-styled “Osagyefo” had been brought from the Rumanian clinic where he had died of cancer to Conakry, in Guinea, where his friend Sekou Toure had offered him sanctuary when he was deposed as President in the Ghana coup of 1966. At the last minute, President Toure refused to allow a Ghanaian mission to take back the body to Nkrumah’s village birthplace in Western Ghana unless they promised that Nkrumah and his party bosses be reinstated to their former positions. (Photograph by Drum Photographer BAHA)