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DM2008060282:EAED:POLITICS:PERSONALITIES:MAR 1979 – Stanlakes Castle A proud Stanlake with his mansion and Rolls-Royce. They feel its not just my care but their car, too, he says of his old township friends. Professor Stanlake Samkange is hardly a newcomer to the jungle-like politics of Rhodesia. At 56, on must assume he knows what hes up to when he parades himself, his 17-year-old son, Stan, two dogs and a 1965 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce in front of a mock medieval castle set deep in the heart of Hatfield, a once all-White Salisbury suburb. Had the professor been a member of the Zambian ruling hierarchy of Dr Kenneth Kaunda, hardly a soul would have batted an eyelid. (Photograph by Drum Photographer ©AHA)