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DM2008072211:NIGED:POLITICS:PERSONALITIES:MAR 1959 – The Strange Case Of Mrs Ransome-Kuti And The Alake Of Abeokuta Great organizing ability: Mrs Ransome Kuti and this is the woman who drove him outAt the age of 58, Mrs. Ransome-Kuti is a big problem to the Government of the Nigerian Federation, to the powerful Alake of Abeokuta, and to all those who still think that a womans place is in the kitchen. She was educated at Exeter College, in the United Kingdom, and returned Nigeria with a first-class diploma in Domestic Sciene. She married the late Mr. Ransome-Kuti, and took up a teaching job in the Abeokuta Grammar School. Then, during World War II, she showed that there was plenty of the fighter in her, too. She didnt like the way the food control system was being organized in Abeokuta, and felt that some chiefs were abusing it. So we gave a hell of a time to the chiefs, the Government, to all those who were responsible for the systematic pauperization of the mass of the people,