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DM2011060155:NIGED:SOCIAL:ENTERTAINMENT:MUSIC:JAN 1959 – Man, Highlife Is Getting Crazier Still – Lagos lads and lassies do the no-motions-barred Tcha-Tcha-Tcha.. They call it Highlife, reaching for stars. “My customers dance anything from blues to the ukulele Hawaiian. But their latest craze is Tcha-Tcha-Tcha,” a Lagos night club proprietor told us as we were wandering around to find out how the people enjoy themselves. And he wasn’t exaggerating when he called the Tcha a craze, for, on the dance floor, were boys and girls – some rolling on the ground, some reeling like wounded things, and some falling backwards and forwards – all answering the call of the Tcha-Tcha-Tcha. This was crazy Highlife getting crazier, madder, loonier, bursting at the seams with abandon. ( Photograph by Drum Photographer ©BAHA)