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. DRUM MAY 1965 Ð AKINTOLA SPEAKS HIS MIND. NIGED:POLITICS:PERSONALITIES:MAY 1965 Ð Akintola Speaks His Mind Ð Chief Akintola: ÒI was not responsible for the imprisonment of Chief Awolowo, when Chief Awolowo said he had lost confidence in me. One curious thing about the whole show was that I had the majority of the partyÕs leaders on my side. I did not favour a national government to the exclusion of the NCNC. By national government then I meant, and still mean, an all-party government. Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola, the Are Ona Kakanfo (field marshal) of Yorubaland, premier of Western Nigeria and leader of the Nigerian National Democratic Party, represents many things to many people. Some people see him as an arch-tribalist and an opportunist, some idolize him as the greatest leader and saviour of the Yorubas, a patriot and a true apostle of Nigerian unity. To others he is simply a wonder, a political enigma. (Photograph by Drum Photographer ©BAHA)