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SAED:MUSIC:PERSONALITY:DRUM AUGUST 1953 Talking Trumpet When Elijah plays little children follow him in the streets, like the pied piper of Hamelin. Elijah Nkwanyana used to blow on Pumpkin-stalks as a farm-boy. Now he’s a cabaret star at night clubs! If you met a man wearing red and yellow socks, green and purple boots, a red and black skull cap and carrying a black and white umbrella you’d say ’Ah! There’s a jazz creature, yes man! He’s be talking at his loudest, walking at his peacockest, and talking shop and music. Yes, you wouldn’t have to learn it. But you’d meet Elijah, and you wouldn’t even talk politics to him cause he’d be so different. (Photograph by Jurgen Schadeberg Baileys Archives) NEG 256 FRAME 2